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Louise Prinsloo is a South African author whose work has appeared mainly in Afrikaans. She was born in Johannesburg on the 4th of July in 1946 and after matriculating at Helpmekaar Hoër Meisieskool, studied Junior Primary Education at Normaal Kollege in Pretoria where she graduated Cum Laude. In 1974 she studied drama under Aletta Gericke and went on to write for radio including Transwêreld Radio, Ligstraaltjies, Louise Smit Productions and RSG Drama.

Louise is known for her children's and youth literature, having published over twenty-seven books. The most popular of these is 'Gedaantes & Geraamtes', a series of ten books about the adventures of three friends and their run-ins with the supernatural. The first of the series - Geheim van Groukatlaagte went on to win the ATKV prize for children's literature while Spookhuis by die See was nomitated for an MER prize in the category of youth literature. She has also published a number of young adult novels including By Die Lêplek Van Die Leeus.

Louise lives in Pretoria with her husband, Daan Prinsloo.


Louise prinsloo

Gedaantes & Geraamtes

Louise only writes about places she has visited herself. The locations in her popular ghost series ranges from the Great Karoo, Jongensfontein and Numbi Park. She also chose to set a few stories in Kaapschehoop, King Williams Town and Mossel Bay.

Louise prinsloo

By die Lêplek van die Leeus

This young adult novel was inspired by true events. When a young black girl from Sebokeng was accepted at the University of Pretoria, a misunderstanding caused her to think she would have lodging when in fact she had none. Louise's eldest daughter studied at the same university at the same time and invited the girl to come home with her until other arranges could be made. Louise delved deeply into cultural research for this novel.

Louise prinsloo

Lukas, die Geliefde Geneesheer

During a visit to Turkey and the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, Louise came across the memorial of Luke in Ephesus. It was here where the idea first took hold to write about the Gospel of Luke.

Notable Events

Louise prinsloo

2009 Writer's Evening

Crime: Fact & Fiction

The popular annual Writer's Evenings were organised by Louise and held at Laerskool Lynnwood. Top cop Piet Byleveld and novelist Deon Meyer were guest speakers at the 2009 event.

Louise prinsloo

2010 Writer's Evening

Soccer World Cup

When soccer came to town in South Africa, Louise chose Sport as the 2010's Writer's Evening theme. Guest speakers included Gert Oosthuizen and Dr. Henry Kelbrick.

Contact Louise

Louise Prinsloo

Adress: Silver Lakes, Pretoria

Country: South Africa

E-mail: prinsloo.louis7@gmail.com


Louise Prinsloo